The Writing Practice is dedicated to making high quality teaching available to all writers, offering courses and community to help grow your creative practice as a writer.

"Many people feel a serious draw, at some point in their lives, to expressing themselves seriously in words. And a proportion of those will pursue it. But it isn’t idleness, vanity or ego driving them. Writing, as people explore its potential, is a tremendous tool for growth and development. When someone feels the draw to write, they’re feeling the same draw a daisy feels to turn its face up to the sun. All of us, even professional writers, write to connect with a source of nourishment inside our self, without which our souls shrivel up and die."

Damien Walter on writing as practice.


The Writing Practice began life twenty years ago, when I looked up from the page of the book I was reading, and said to myself, "I want to learn how stories like this are written!" But it took shape during a decade of work helping people in some of the UK's poorest communities gain literacy, reading and writing skills. That's where I learned, in sometimes hard lessons, just how high the barriers are that stop some people from telling their stories.

I've taught writing at universities across the UK, including three years as director of creative writing at the University of Leicester. I've seen first hand, teaching hundreds of students, and in my own writing practice, how access to high quality learning accelerates our growth as writers. Today in the UK, access to university level teaching begins at £9000 a year, and that's without even thinking about living costs and other expenses.

The aim of the Writing Practice is to make high quality teaching available to all writers. Our video courses make learning core writing skills easy and affordable. Online seminars and professional accelerators give you the opportunity to work in small groups with writers from your peer community, and to get 1-2-1 tutor support and feedback on your writing. Writing Practice courses are informal in style, but packed with high level knowledge. Sign on for the classes that most interest you, and learn at your own pace.

Today the Writing Practice is just beginning. Take advantage of pre-sale offers on our first courses, and help shape this new community from day one. I look forward to learning with you.

Damien Walter

Bali, 2016